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Leak Sensor

Leak Sensor


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  • Just set on the floor - no screws, no tape, no wires!

  • Use with the Insteon Hub (2245-222) and receive an alert to your smartphone the instant a water leak is detected - sold separately, requires subscription

  • Simply tap/tap link to Insteon wall switches to be visually alerted

  • Save time and $1,000's in undetected water damage

Learn more about the Insteon Water Leak Sensor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
David S. (Holland, US)
Leak Sensor operates well

Things I like about the sensor:
It is narrow enough to fit in most places I need
It uses a lithium battery so it should last fairly long.
It sends out a keep alive signal within a 24 hour period. So the software can trip an alarm if not received in that time. This method is actually better than an actual low battery detect since lithium batteries lose there charge very fast when at end of life and might not have enough time to send out a low battery warning. Plus environment may have changed that the signal to the computer might get weak and miss the low battery detect but with this keep alive method that would salve that condition.

steven s.l. (Cumming, US)
False Sense of Security

I have owned 2 of these sensors for about 6 years. When I first got them I manually checked to make sure they would detect a leak. No problems were seen.
Last week I had a leak in a bathroom where one of these was located and the sensor did not trigger even though it was in water. Heartbeat is good and it reports in when I push the test button. But now when I test it by putting it in a small amount of water it does not trigger. The other unit works correctly. I tried taking the bottom cover off and cleaning the contacts. No help.
Moral of the story is test your sensors with water periodically.

We’re sorry to hear the leak sensor failed to perform as expected. This review has been shared with the team for opportunities to improve this product. We may reach out to you directly for more information.

Fred M. (Midland, US)
Buy them in a Heartbeat

Insteon water sensors are the only ones I have found that provide a periodic heartbeat message. If you have them tucked away behind a dishwasher or fridge you appreciate not having to worry or check if the sensors are working by digging them out once in awhile. The heartbeat also lets you know the signal is making it out and not blocked by the dishwasher or fridge w/ice maker. I have 8 of these around the house, and just about every one has saved me major damage. Some more than once.

Donald S. (Lahaina, US)
Keeping things DRY!!

I have 18 water sensors connected to my ISY that is interfaces with My ELK M1, which is interfaced with my FloLogic system which turns off the water when a sensor finds water. Works great. It announces the problem via the ELK speakers and emails the issue and location of the problem. The batteries still hanging strong after 5 years.

Mark M. (Webster, US)
Another Dependable Insteon Device

A small investment to ensure you avoid major damage. It is easy to set up with the app, and works as advertised. Put one wherever you have water- sinks, toilets, near the sump pump, the washing machine, and anywhere you have indoor water that can leak and cause damage. We currently have 8 installed.