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Hub 2 Central Controller

Hub 2 Central Controller


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  • The Hub 2 gives you control over a huge family of connected devices, all from your smartphone and tablet

  • Create customized scenes for instant recalling of your favorite lighting settings, & create schedules for individual devices or scenes

  • Get instant alerts from sensors for things like motion, water leaks and doors opening

  • Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant for voice control

  • Requires a subscription to use with Insteon mobile apps and services


Learn more about the Insteon Hub 2

Note: if you are buying a hub to replace a failed unit, please consider purchasing a hub migration instead. This service provides you with a brand new hub that will be programmed with your homes configuration, saving you time and hassle of re-programming. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Dustin C. (Phoenix, US)
Works exactly as expected

I originally thought I had to manually bind devices. I was informed by support that this can be done through scenes. I’m used to an ISY where scenes rely on the hub. This is not true. It would be nice if there was easier to find documentation or more referenced instructions in the provided documentation. Overall the hub has done everything I expected it to do.

Thank you for your feedback on the Hub 2 controller. Please note that you'll be able to configure a 3-way by creating a scene with both switches as Directors of the scene. Feel free to contact if you still need our assistance. For future reference, you can also provide your feedback here:

Frank S. (York, US)
Great Tech Support

I purchased the new Hub II to replace my old one I had through Smarthome. I had issues transferring my email address and password to use the new hub. I emailed tech support on Sunday and Rob answered my call for help. He deleted my account and removed my old hub info so I could set up the new hub. All went well. So glad to see the employees take over where Smarthome left off shutting down the business. Keep up the great service and keep adding the old Insteon products that Smarthome use to carry.

K.B. (Kansas City, US)
Still one of the best technologies for wired-in wall switches

The hub does what it needs to do very provides the bridge you need for an Insteon network of devices to talk to the LAN. This hub has been on 24/7 since 2019, talking to a house with about 70 Insteon devices. The earlier builds of the hub had one known capacitor that would go out, and can actually be replaced fairly easily. My first hub from 2017 had this happen, and Insteon sent me a new hub with all my settings intact. Not a single hardware failure since '19. While I use HomeSeer now to control my Insteon network, I do think it is extremely important that Insteon maintain the functionality and reliability of the app for all the lite users who just need Alexa to turn on a light.

John s. (Plainfield, US)
Falls short as always

So I appreciate that the company is back. I am conmcerned that they haven't fixed the app shortcomings. Fo9r instance there is no good way to link swiitches So, yes you can use scenes but the process is messy, there is no way to hide link scenes from from normal scenes. Secondly, what do you do with slave switches? In my kitchen I have 5 switches do you put them ion another room? otherwise unused slave switches just clutter everything up. There is no IFTTT or anything similar which every app has nowdays regardless of whether its Aqara, Hubitat, etc.. Insteon failed because the app doesn't do what cheaper chinese brands do. I paid for ywo years, I'll use that time to ditch my switches for an Inovelli or something similar.

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are constantly improving features and functions of the Director app. We are also actively looking into integrations to expand the capabilities of the Hub ecosystem. If you’re subscribed to our newsletter, look forward to some announcements coming soon. Thanks again.

William P. (Magalia, US)
What would have helped.

It is working great, but would have saved me hours If you could have a youtube video showing how to set it up from scratch. (i updated frm issy 994 manually) A small systenm with say 3 swutches abd 3 or 4 devices making sure that all 3 swutches controlled all three devices and the appropriate buttons were lit on each switch. Also a PC version of Director woud be nice for those of us that have a hard time typing on a phone. Thanks, Bill Patten