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Migration Service for Insteon Hub 2 (2245-222)

Migration Service for Insteon Hub 2 (2245-222)


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If you’ve determined that your Insteon Hub 2 hardware has failed, we are now offering a service to have the account and all linked devices migrated to a new Hub 2. With a successfully migrated hub you can avoid the hassle of starting over from scratch - which can be quite a lot of effort, especially for larger installations and/or complex scenes, and schedules.

IMPORTANT: Migration purchases require that you ship us your old/broken Insteon Hub 2.

The purchase includes a brand new Insteon Hub 2 with the latest factory hardware improvements which will then be provisioned with your account information and shipped to you. Simply plug the new Hub into power and into your router, and your home will be back up and running.*

Costs for shipping the new migrated Hub are included in the purchase price. Also required is an active Hub Account Subscription

Please read the detailed instructions below before adding this item to your cart.

How does the process work?

  1. Enter the Insteon ID for your Hub. This is found on the underside of the Hub and also under the Settings section of the Insteon mobile apps. It is three hexadecimal pairs (example: A1.B2.C3).

  2. Add the item to your cart

  3. Complete the checkout process (note: the checkout on is not related to your Insteon Hub account - you will want to create a new shopping account if you haven’t done so already).

  4. Once the order has been completed, print out a copy of the confirmation email. On the printout, please include a phone number to reach you in the event that is necessary.

  5. Pack up your Insteon Hub into a padded envelope or box and include the print out of your order confirmation. Please do not include the power or network cables. Save them for when you receive your return.

  6. Using your preferred shipping method, send to:
    Insteon Technologies
    Attn: Repair Services
    4790 Irvine Blvd. 
    Suite 105-665
    Irvine, CA 92620

  7. Hub migrations will be performed on a first-in, first-out basis. Our goal is to have your hub returned to you in 14 business days. However, this may take longer depending upon demand for the service.

  8. When you receive your migrated Hub, connect the power and network cables and wait up to five minutes for the LED on the front of the hub to turn green.

  9. Now you should be able to access your Hub and devices and scenes from the mobile app, any previously defined schedules should run as expected and third party services that were previously working should work once again.


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    Customers shipping to Canada will be responsible for all duties and import fees which will be due upon receipt.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Miller H. (Nashville, US)
    Seamless, Easy and Fast

    My hub at our secondary home got fried during a storm. I put off replacing it because I loathed having to reset and reprogram all of the devices. Then I discovered the migration service and decided to give it a try. I sent in the broken hub and got the replacement back within a week. Fast! I took the new hub to our home and plugged it in and voila’ everything worked as originally programmed including schedules, scenes and all of the device names were correct. Even the Alexa integrations resumed functioning. This service is a real bargain. It saved me hours of reprogramming and troubleshooting, relinking wiht Alexa, etc. I’m definitely going to upgrade the hub at my primary home and use this migration service.

    kim g. (Utica, US)
    Great Option

    My original hub died. This was a great option to have a new hub programmed and not lose all my scenes and settings. I received the new hub quickly and was able to plug-in and be back in business. I really appreciate them going the extra mile to make it turnkey and so simple.

    Michael (Saint Rose, US)
    From dead to wow

    My old hub had stopped working. I sent the hub in for a repair. I was told that it was not repairable*. I was offered a migration, I took it. I was told that they would be able to program the new one with my set up and everything should work correctly. Mean while I left for work on the road. The hub was returned. I told my wife to hook it up and try it (I was not expecting it to be seemless) after all I was 600 miles away. The next day I logged in to the hub! Looked through the ring doorbell and started turning the front porch light on and off! It worked. I was impressed. It was seemless and it was plug and play.
    * I was pretty sure it was unremarkable. It was very old and had been re capped long ago. Not to mention that I opened it when it failed the second time I saw where the magic smoke leaked out.

    Walt F. (San Jose, US)
    Long Road to a Good Result

    I don't know what killed my old hub—a dying Uninterruptible Power System seems likely—but after a day of tech support efforts leading to admitting the flashing red light wasn't going away, I decided to migrate

    Part of the tech support involved sending the code info on the old hub so I asked if the new hub could be set up from that, and cross-shipped, rather than awaiting my hub to get to them.

    Another day or two to confirm. YES! I sent my busted hub via USPS ground and I got USPS tracking info for Insteon sending the new hub the same way. USPS somewhat bungled Insteon's shipment: I tracked it as it went from SF to Oakland, back to SF and finally to me. 2 days lost.

    Once I got the new hub, it was very quick to install & get going again.

    I urge Insteon to make a cross-ship approach the default one. We were unable to run our security lighting when we took a quick trip away and couldn't get remote access to our thermostat during this long delay. The system needs to be more reliable

    Also, i ended up emailing with 3 or maybe 4 different people at Insteon. The handoffs, who was going to help with what, were very unclear. That added uncertainty, delay and angst.

    Finally, I urge Insteon to 86 the Shop system. They emailed incorrect information about the shipping process (as they do with a mail-order coffee supplier I use) and generally added noise while brokering my personal info. Whatever they pay Insteon for the privilege of associating MY email with MY purchases, is more than taken away from my well-being. Drop 'em and raise your prices by X%.

    John (Bryn Mawr, US)

    I've used insteon for many years after starting with the old X10 products. The original insteon hub was okay by had a relatively high failure rate. I repaired it twice by replacing failed capacitors. When the migration program became available, I took it. The process was quick and easy by providing my original hub address and sending in the old hub. About a week later the new hub arrived. I plugged it in and it worked perfectly.