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Insteon Hub Account Access

Insteon Hub Account Access

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Purchase 1 or 2 years of Insteon Hub service. This provides mobile app access to Insteon Hub, email and push notifications, voice assistant integrations (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant), and more.

Please note:

  • If you don't already have an Insteon Hub account, enter the email address you intend to use, prior to adding this item to your cart.

  • If you already have an Insteon Hub Account, enter the email used to log into your Insteon mobile app prior to adding this item to your cart. If you are unsure which email is associated, follow these steps to find your Insteon Hub account email. If you are unable to log into the app, contact us at and include a photo of the bottom of your Hub. We will then provide you with the email associated with that Hub.

  • When checking out, you will need to create a new Insteon store account if you haven't done so already - this is independent of your Insteon Hub account.

  • Allow up to 30 minutes for the subscription to take effect after successfully completing your order. However, if you do not provide the correct Insteon Hub account email, your subscription will not properly be applied and may take 1-2 business days to resolve.

  • If you have multiple hub accounts, you will need a subscription for each one. To do this, enter the email address for the first account and add to cart. Return to the subscription page and enter the email address for the second account and add to cart. Repeat for any subsequent accounts.

  • If you have multiple houses associated under a single account, you should only need to purchase the one subscription for now.

  • Read our FAQ for more information

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