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I/O Module - Garage Door Control & Status Kit

I/O Module - Garage Door Control & Status Kit


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  • Remotely monitor and control (open and close) your garage door using any Insteon controller (sold separately)
  • Includes sensors that provide status on whether the garage door is open or closed
  • Compatible with traditional 2-wire garage openers only - if your garage control button features a display panel, this kit is not compatible
  • The included Insteon I/O Module (2450) communicates over powerline only, which may cause issues if you are trying to remotely operate your garage from Insteon devices on a different electrical phase (circuit) or from an Insteon Mini Remote
  • Recommend having at least one other dual-band device on the same phase to bridge the I/O Module with Insteon RF-only or Dual-band devices
  • I/O Module is also available without accessories: I/O Module

How the Kit Works

I/O Module's output relay wires to your garage door motor just like your existing button, allowing you to remotely operate your garage. The included garage door sensor mounts to the garage door and is wired directly to I/O Module's sensor input. Receive instant alerts when using the Insteon Hub and running Insteon for Hub app (sold separately).

Do More with the I/O Module

Not interested in controlling your garage with Insteon? The Insteon I/O Module lets you monitor and control any low voltage devices such as alarm sensors, electric door strikes, and contact closures as part of your Insteon home automation network.

With one dry-contact sensor input you can control many Insteon devices throughout the house. Plus, use the built-in single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch and connect any low voltage-powered device for continuous or momentary operation. Create your own remote-control door lock using an electric door strike and power supply, or use a security sensor to turn Insteon controlled lights on or off. I/O Linc acts as a repeater for all powerline Insteon signals, is compatible with Insteon and X10 products, and has a pass-through outlet for other AC devices.

When controlling devices like pool valves, you have the ability to leave it on for an extended period of time, giving it plenty of time to fill the pool. As it approaches the desired water level, you can then remotely turn it off. For devices like electric door strikes, set the output relay to momentary, allowing you to open the front gate using an Insteon remote or controller.

What's in the Box

I/O Module - Insteon Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface ( 1 In / 1 Out )

1x Magnetic Contact Sensors
1x 30 Foot 2 Conductor, 22-Gauge/AWG Interconnect Wire, White
1x 10 Foot 2 Conductor, 22-Gauge/AWG Interconnect Wire, White
1x 1.5mm flathead screwdriver
1x Quick Start Guide

Learn More:

I/O Module Setup Guides and Manuals

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jorge R. (Mountain Lakes, US)
Garage Door Opener

Easy to install. Works great. Wish it could be linked with Alexa

Daniel W. (Cambridge, US)
Years I spent with insteonk

I have used insertion for many years and have made up many shortcuts to solve problems. For example, I had problems with the valve on my grill staying on. I don't know if it is being kept on after use. Either way, I took an intern switch and a 120-volt gas valve to take care of that problem, put time off, or ask Alexa to turn it off or hit the button on one of the 8-button switches I have. I also use an Insteon garage door indicator. I wired it into a Myq garage door opener by wiring it to the button on the board. Insteon has made life much simpler. I get into bed. I say, Alexa, turn on bedtime, turn on the fan, turn off lights, and turn all buttons on the switches so it is pitch black. The following day, I say, Alexa, wake-up lights come on, and the fan is turned off. I could go on forever, but I only have so much time to complete This. I have only one complaint: the ceiling fan switch's high speed seems to fail, so I have had to replace a few of them. Would I purchase it again you bet ya..

Dan wietman

G.L. (Brookfield, US)
Many uses

I have a bunch of them and one is indeed for the Garage. I also monitor a Sewage pump, that can turn the water off in case the sewage level is to high in case a pump failure. You can use a small thermostat to have is close a relay and power a big heater. I interfaced it to a Samsung washer dryer to get notifications when they are done not to wast time or forget I had them on. Whatever you can imagine.

Darren O. (Clinton, CA)
Canadian Insteon user

I am ecstatic that Insteon carried on and seems to be doing better than ever love the products. My only wish is that there was a Canadian supplier.

Thank you for your kind words.

We do have a partner in Canada: