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i3 Paddle

i3 Paddle


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The i3 Paddle is everything you need in one package: It can either be configured as an on/off switch or a dimmer switch with an all new clean design. 

  • Family-friendly design works like a standard switch; the top turns the light on, and the bottom turns it off – When in dimming mode, press and hold top to brighten, press and hold bottom to dim
  • Can be set for either on/off or dimming control for various fixture compatibility
  • On/Off mode supports switching up to 9A, 1/3 HP – Great for non-dimmable lighting or ceiling fans and exhaust fans
  • Dimming mode supports up to 150 Watts of dimmable LED bulbs or up to 400 Watts of incandescent or halogen bulbs
  • Control one fixture or an entire room from one switch; pairs with other Insteon products for multi-switch circuits—with or without a Hub

Ultimate control

Insteon products work together with or without a Hub. Add the Insteon Hub 2 and Director app to simplify setup, run your lighting schedules and control your lights from anywhere with an app or with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Requires a subscription to Insteon Hub Account Access.

Simple and intuitive

The i3 Paddle is designed for everyone in your household, taking the guesswork out of setting the scene or creating the perfect mood.

Intelligently reliable

With patented dual-mesh technology, even if your Wi-Fi is down, your switches still work.

Understated elegance

The i3 Paddle is sleek and understated to blend into any decor.


i3 devices use the same unique dual-mesh Insteon technology that other Insteon products use. This means that out of the box, you can manually link i3 devices to virtually any Insteon device. Also, many of the local settings are similarly configurable. Read more about how to manually configure this and other Insteon devices

i3 devices are supported using Insteon Hub 2 and the Director app. If you use 3rd party hardware/software (eisy, Indigo, Homeseer, etc), features may be limited as we work with those developer partners to support these new devices. 

i3 Paddle Setup Guides

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Customer (Sherman Oaks, US)
No Developer Notes

Sad to see that the "New" Insteon isn't much different than the old one. Developer Notes that document the functionality and interoperability of this device are still hidden from public view are are only available to a select few commercial partners.

I won't be purchasing any Insteon devices without access to the Developer Notes, if Insteon goes out of business again, I want to be sure my investment isn't wasted.

Thanks for your feedback. Please know that after acquiring the company, we made considerable effort in connecting with and providing this information to our 3rd party development partners. When we began this effort, we saw many gaps in documentation that required significant time supporting what existed. There is still more to be done in this area but at some point in the future we hope to have a means to support opening this up to a broader group of developers.

richard w. (Duluth, US)
I have no neutral line

Purchased and cannot install because I have no neutral line at my outlet. I know it CAN somehow be installed but I will have to call an electrician to do the installation for $$$. I tried finding any video that I could understand and use to install it myself but have not found it. I also know it can be installed because I bought this switch as a replacement for a broken one previously installed for years.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the installation of our device. If you had a working 'outlet' previously then you do have a neutral as one of the two wires on the original outlet. If by 'outlet' you mean a wall switch without a neutral then you might want to consider a switch designed for that situation.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly ( if you have any further questions or concerns. We're here to help.

William P. (Magalia, US)
Good service

Some how my new 8 button switch was linked to all my devices. A note to service was quickly replied to and my new switch niw wirjs as it should.
Thanks for the quick reply
Bill Patten

Douglas j. (Greenbelt, US)
Work in progress

I’ve been very happy with your product as I’m moving forward. Still have more to be done yet. I do believe at the end of the project it will come together. I won’t be available over the next month. However I’m looking forward to seeing this through to complete replacement.
Sincerely Douglas B Jones

Steven S. (Troy, US)
Updated Icons yo i3 paddles

The i3 have a nice updated look and are more convenient in that they can go both ways dimmer/switch. it would be nice if they came in Almond also, but my biggest complaint is in replacing switches using the eisy (since my hub died for the third time),. The eisy does not allow a straight forward replacement which means i have to rewrite all the scenes and programs for each switch replaced.