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LED Flicker/Glow Eliminator

LED Flicker/Glow Eliminator


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If you are experiencing flicker, flutter or flashing of LED bulbs with your dimmer switch, we now offer a solution to help reduce or eliminate these issues altogether. 

The device can also help reduce higher efficiency LEDs from glowing when the switch is off. 

This thin little device installs in parallel with the LED load, either behind the wall switch or in the electrical box behind the light fixture. 

What is the difference between the Yellow and Blue models and which should I use?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer. This is because not all LED bulbs are created equal. Therefore, there is no standard for how each operates. As such, there is no one device that works in all cases. Because of this, two different models exist to improve dimming with a wide variety of LED bulbs and dimmers. We can’t say which works best in each specific situation so we recommend installing each one in turn and leaving in place the one that works best. We recommend buying the Test Kit, which includes one of each. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Richard K. (Salt Lake City, US)
Problem Solved

I have a group of led stair lights controlled by an Insteon micro dimmer. The range of dimming was very narrow and the lights would flicker every time an Insteon control was issued for any device in my house. The flicker/glow eliminator solved the flicker problem with an added bonus of fully expanding the dimming range of the stair lights.

David S. (South Jordan, US)
I Think That it Works.

I used this with an Insteon 2 wire remote controlled dimmer running a ceiling fixture with 2 older dimmable lamps. It would turn off after being turned on. There was an occasional flicker. As I had to install the blue eliminator in the ceiling box.---there was no neutral in the box with the dimmer---I replaced the fixture with a flush mount COB fixture while I was at it. Everything works now, but I can't say that the eliminator was cause. Installing the device at the load complicated the installation.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. The installation process can sometimes be complicated, but we're happy to hear that everything is now working as it should. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

David L. (Allen, US)
Under Counter Light

Years ago added 4 under counter LED lights. Insteon dimmer caused flickering resulting in using another brand that worked but created power line noise. I lived with that until Insteon offered the LED Flicker Eliminator. The yellow eliminator was added at the Insteon dimmer switch and have no flicker at any brightness level.

Chip (Santa Barbara, US)
Great product

You have to read the instructions on the manufacturers website. The process may take some trial and error. But it worked well for me.

Roger B. (Boise, US)
Wow! It worked

Insteon 2477D dimmer. 8 Halco PAR30S Model 82025 LED lights. installed Yellow LDS. Went from blinking every few seconds to no blicking!