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Dimmer Keypad, 8-Button

Dimmer Keypad, 8-Button


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  • Two products in one: 8-button controller and 600-watt dimmer
  • Monitor and control up to 8 different devices or groups of devices
  • Create whole-house lighting scenes in minutes & view the status of any linked device with built-in LEDs
  • Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant for voice control via required Insteon Hub (2245-222)*
  • Also available in 6-Button version
  • Wall plate sold separately

Multiple Devices in One

An Insteon Wall Keypad is a unique blend of wall switch and multi-button remote control. When you replace your existing wall switch with an Insteon Keypad, you keep control of your light fixture while simultaneously adding remote control of other Insteon devices.

Wall Switch Replacement

The Main button takes the place of your original wall switch. Tapping it controls your lights just as you would expect. Pressing and holding alternates between brightening and dimming your lights.

Multi-Button Remote Control

The 7 scene buttons give you convenient control of other Insteon devices, either individual devices or groups of devices.

Customize Your Keypad Buttons

  • Ultimate customization: We've partnered up with Domotinc to offer custom laser etching of keypad buttons. Once you've installed and programmed your buttons, visit Domotinc to order a set of custom buttons that match what they control. Learn More
  • Popular 50-Button Kit: Based on data collected from our customers, we've created a set of the most popular keypad button names. Learn More
  • Clear Button Kit: If you'd prefer to print out your own button labels, we offer clear button caps. Use the provided template, print and cut out your labels and insert them into the clear caps and install. Learn More
  • Color change kits are also available

*Connecting to Amazon Alexa or Google Home requires Hub 2 and subscription service. Controls connected light only - scene buttons are voice controllable through Insteon scenes

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Michael D. (West Bloomfield, US)
KPL replacement

I have 3 of these devices. One KPL keeps track of lights on my main floor (Living area, kitchen, dining, etc) It also controls a scene to turn the whole floor off. The second KPL monitors and controls the basement lights. I have several rooms and it shows me when something is left on. The last one is for my detached garage and outdoor lighting. It controls my garage doors, interior lights and exterior lights. It also controls the landscape and spot lights. They have been pretty solid, as they have been installed since 2012/2013 and are programmed with a Universal Devices EISY. This particular KPL was always a bit flakey. The LED lights quit and I decided just to replace it. It’s time. Using the EISY replace function got me back up running in record time. BTW. I am loving the app. Keep the changes coming! I am getting close to abandoning eKeypad Pro.


Great service and great delivery. And the product works Fantastically.

Mark W. (Buckeye, US)
Unbelievable advantage to have this

Nothing is more inconvenient than going around to every light in your living area to turn them on in the morning and off when you leave. When I get up in the morning I simply touch my "good morning" button on my 8-button switch and every light I want on in my living/dining/kitchen area comes on at the desired brightness. Then when I am going to the bedroom to go to sleep, I press the button again and every light goes off. I also have an 8-button switch right by where I enter and exit my house. Turning every light off when you leave your house with a single switch is fantastic. I have also programmed other buttons to "watch TV" mode "all on" modes.

Marvin J. (Brooklyn, US)
Sometimes you want a physical button!!

Have installed many of these. As convenient as voice control is most of the time, sometimes you want or need a physical button.

These Insteon 8-button switches are versatile and give the most bang for the buck among its direct competitors.

The quality is top-notch. Been installing since 2012. Never had a failure!!

Robert W. (Arlington, US)
cautiously optimistic

I purchased this 8-button keypad to replace one that has failed. That one was the second that has failed. I remain hopeful that the electronics have improved because the 8-button keypad is a great fit for my home automation system. I had no problem configuring it to communicate with my UD ISY controller. The only issue is that the system requires so little maintenance that I keep forgetting the more subtle aspects of administration between changes to the system!